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  why have the intrusion of a video recording?
  your wedding day: the happiest day of your life ! the culmination of almost a year's painstaking preparations. yet you will be so enthralled that the unfolding of your day's preparations, events, sights and sounds will simply float by! that's where we can be of service. in essence, our service is a 'fly on the wall' unobtrusive style of coverage and we will capture the atmosphere of your day for you to cherish.
  why shouldn't i get my friend or uncle to do it?
  let's face it, modern domestic digital camcorders are quite good and it's very tempting to just let a friend or uncle do it for a pinta !
after all, that birthday party video they did was quite good, but then were you really glued to it and watched it to the end or did you politely excuse yourself after a while ? (be honest !)
and that in a nutshell is the difference between a home movie and a professional video production. the 'watchability index'. 'what you pay is what you get' very definitely applies here!
  what should i look for when selecting a videographer/company for my wedding day?
  click here for some more guidance to make your selection
! look before you book !

.....choose your life partner with your heart,

but choose your wedding videographer with care !
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