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  'Professional' is a word that is banded about so freely that it is virtually meaningless. The bottom line is 'Look Before You Book'.
As a starting point, check how many years the company has been established and ask to see their file of previous bookings with testimonials and letters of recommendations. Walk away if you receive vague answers. Beware also that ' What You Pay Is What You Get' is generally, but not always true. Less than £700 and you might as well ask a friend to do it. If your budget extends to over £3000 then we'll be happy to double our prices for you !
  Check that your wedding videographer will be the proprietor of the company or at-least one who is vetted and regularly used by the company.
  Choose a company that captures the footage on a PROFESSIONAL GRADE DIGITAL 3CCD camcorder and just as important deploys a PROFESSIONAL EXTERNAL WIRELESS MICROPHONE SYSTEM for the sound. This should then be edited to a lesser or greater extent (according to your booking) on a computer and copied down to a DVD-R video (watch out, some companies still shoot and only give you a VHS tape that is considered obsolete). Ask the price of copy DVD-R, are they extortionate? Expect to pay around £45 for a DVD-R video.
  Check that not only will the videographer have backup equipment but that it will also be of the Digital format. The best videographer in the world would be useless to you (to say the least!) if the equipment should break down and he/she is without back-up equipment on your wedding day!
  Ideally, view a sample filmed by the videographer who would actually film your wedding day. Qualities such as picture and sound clarity, camera steadiness are to be expected anyway. Additionally, check that the videographer has:
  • Avoided excessive use of zooming and panning action, as it is strenuous to the eye.
  • Used special effects only sparingly, especially 'computerised' ones.... Ugh!
  • Used a professional quality wireless microphone near the bride and groom to pick-up the wedding ceremony clearly. This also applies during the speeches at the reception.
  • Used a tripod with ‘fluid head’ for smooth panning movement.
  • Used battery rather then mains powered equipment that would have trailing leads everywhere.
  • Appears to have been as unobtrusive as possible.
  • Included an abundance of varied shots to maintain interest in the viewer and yet conveys a pleasant continuity.
Finally, at the end of the viewing do you feel like you have watched a pleasant yet entertaining romantic movie or just someone's 'home movie'?
  Imagine… you're in your honeymoon suite and, just for a break, you logon to the Internet to view stills from your Wedding Day Video ! In fact, so can your friends around the world !. Would you at least like the option of this facility? Does the Company you are considering have this facility?
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